Monday, March 19, 2012

More than real life

So last weekend I either had stomach flu or ate something weird. It took a few days to recover, and I still haven’t felt like myself on the elliptical machine. I’m down to my lowest weight in a while, even before the flu. I’d be happier if it didn’t mean have to give up an hour every night of staying up with PDaniel so I can go to bed early (10:00) and wake up to go to the gym. If Cookie-Nut would go to bed before 9:00, it would be better, but usually she doesn’t. She sure isn’t tonight. One of us has to keep an eye on her until she goes to sleep or she’ll get up and wander around.

I had a performance at BYU last week that didn’t go well. I don’t really want to remember it, but here goes, for future laughs: I had to perform with two other pianists onstage looking over my shoulder (long story), which made me nervous; I put up my music upside-down; I did NOT play as well as I practiced (nerves); I lost my balance as I was bowing and had to lean on the pianist next to me; I (without meaning to) probably made said pianist feel bad backstage after the concert. Which was sad, because she is a very nice person, and an excellent pianist. Argh. Other rehearsals and performances have been fine, I think, but one bad night can damage a reputation. :(

Everything else is going OK, more or less. The kids have been talking about death a lot. At a St. Patrick’s day party at CN’s school, Dangerboy decorated his wind sock craft with a picture of a skeleton and a broken heart being pierced by an arrow. Oh, and the word “DETH.” Cookie-Nut told me (again) today that she likes me, and doesn’t want me to die, in this case, to be eaten by lions. ARE MY KIDS OK??


Dangerboy (after CN threw a fit because I wouldn’t let her have another piece of gum): “Cookie-Nut, you know, gum doesn’t matter more than real life.” (He gave this as a piece of brotherly advice, as we’d said similar things to him many times).

CN (resigned): “Yeah, I know.”

And another:

(DB was throwing a fit in the tub because he didn’t want to be there.)

DB: But Dad, I can’t remember how to do this! (i.e., wash himself)

PDan: What? Why?

DB: Because I haven’t done it in a long time!

PDan: (belly laugh) That’s why you’re taking a bath, kid!!


Bedkes said...

Oh my goodness your kids are so funny! I just read back on some other posts and they crack me up. We sure do miss you guys, and I'm so sorry about your performance. I'm sure your next one will go better, you are an amazing pianist!!

shaunie said...

Yeah, your kids are normal to be talking about death. :) Two of Ben's grandparents have passed away in the last 2 years (expecting another this year), and it leads to lots of interesting discussions.
Hopefully next time's performance goes better! Wouldn't it be lovely if we could pin down what causes a bad performance?

Britt-Marie said...

So sorry about your recital. You're so great for putting that out there and sharing the story with us. I always remember when I was babysitting and your son asked me to play the piano and I got to tell him not all moms can play and how lucky he was his mom was so talented. You are amazing. I hope next time goes smoothly.
You're kids are so hilarious. I wish we lived closer to you guys. I miss hanging out. My kids are also talking lots about death and being dead. I don't always know how to respond.

Jackie said...

Oh, Christi, I miss these kids soooooo much! I am so cracking up about the Danger Boy's artwork on St. Patty's Day. We missed you guys at our annual hunt.